How to Increase Goto Paid URL Shortener CPM Earning?

CPM (Cost Per Mille) is automatically calculated based on member earnings divided by the total number of views then multiply the result by 1000. It is automatically calculated in our network being basic on the regions of traffic you bring on your paid link. We don't have control over it in any manner.

However, it is possible to increase your CPM by upgrading your beginner (free) account to a Silver, Gold, or Diamond account. After upgrading to those accounts, you will be benefited with high, premium quality and fixed CPM rate to worldwide traffic. It means if you are getting low CPM to your Asian pacific region traffic, you will start getting maximum or fixed premium CPM the way you get from European region traffic after upgrading your account.

How to Upgrade Account

What are the other benefits of premium accounts?

Upgrading accounts unlock other advanced features and tools of Goto Paid URL Shortener. Some of them are as follows:

Once our team confirms your payment, you will start earning a higher rate. If you want to upgrade your account today - pick one plane here

Published on: 9/3/20, 7:52 AM