Shorten Link and Earn Massive Earning Without Advanced Technical Knowledge

Difference Between Short Links And Long Links

Long and difficult URLs may decrease the number of shares of your content. Because people don’t like long, complex URLs at all. The CTR (click-through-rate) of a short URL in comparison to the long URL of the same page is always higher because short links seem more appealing and trustworthy. Therefore, most of the people like to click on the short, sweet links.

Now, we know that short links are more impressive and better to send online users from one place to another. But, wait, there is another benefit which you can get from short links. And, that benefit is money. Yes! You can make money with URL shorteners.

How To Make Money With URL Shortener?

You can use the highest paying URL shorteners to earn money. If you have a loyal audience at any platform like Facebook, YouTube or you have a website with some traffic then you can earn money through that traffic.

Whatever you want to share with your audience then shorten the link first with the highest paying URL shorteners and then share it with your loyal fans. Whenever someone clicks on it, you will earn some money. Obviously, your link will be short and sweet that’s why people will love to click on that. Resulting in this, you will earn more from your expectations.

But, keep in mind, don’t use short links too much. Because link shorteners redirect users to different pages from their expectations and this may irritate your users. Resulting in this, they will not return to your website or page or channel again. Hence, you will start losing your returning users.


If you still confused which is the best URL shortener then the simple answer is, it depends upon your intent. If you just want to make money from URL shortener then it is a short time game and you can’t survive long in the race because it drastically reduces the loyalty rate of your website.

But, if you want to survive in the competition for a long-time then earning money from short links is not a good option at all.

Published on: 11/30/20, 4:47 PM