Goto URL Shortener Basics, How to Get More Traffic

Welcome to Goto URL Shortener Basics. If you are new to our service or just need some tips to boost your earning, read this article.
Well, Goto URL Shortener is best paid url shortening service similar to which shortens long link such as such as into short link like this '' with or without custom aliace and domain. You will earn money when visitor visit or reach their distination/final link throughout your shortened link, as per country/region pay rate policy.

This service not only makes it easier for you to post your links, but also pays you for everyone that clicks on it. Currently, Goto URL Shortener pays up to Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 for 1000 clicks of your link. At first, you may think while earning Rs. 0.50 from one or two link views (as the mean of testing service), that's only some pennies (paisa) and "How can I ever get 1000 clicks on my links." You may also consider to use black hat technique (bot/proxy) to generate link but never do such mistake because we will never pay you for fraud traffic.

Actually, Pennies (paisa) isn't much money for you in general sence but paisa can be converted easily to Rupee doing some efforts. Similarly, 1000 clicks on links also sounds impossible as our links are not allowed to share into facebook wall at present time. We understand that, it might have becoming really headache for you to get traffic in your links. You are not alone, the main concern with most everyone using Goto URL Shortener is traffic, and how to get more traffic to click on their links. This is always a complicated question to answer because as everyone knows, it's not easy to generate your own traffic without a lot of hard work. But, there are countless source from where you can get European Traffic (US, UK, Canada, etc.) for higher revenue easily.

Youtube Traffic

This is probably the most well-known and officially recommend method to generate Goto URL Shortener traffic. The easiest method would be to find popular/trending videos, top games, best mobile apps, useful totorials, free ebooks, interesting audio books, etc. and review them in your own words or give reference links shortening with our links in discription section.

Own Blog/Website:

Writing blog is another recommend method for you. Write blog/news about whatever topic (journal, essay, marketing, fashion, tutorials, jokes, stories, etc.) and place our links there and people will surely visit links and that means you will surely earn money. To make easy for you, we have hassle free full page script/api for you so that you are not required to shorten your all links manualy. Just place our script into your site <head> or <body> or footer section and it will start working automatically without your manual action.

Forum Traffic

Another easy method getting traffic from other sources is to post your links on forums, news boards, etc.  This is pretty self-explanatory and doesn't need much explaining. But, never try to spam our link. If we find such activity we will suspect your account anf permanently block you from our service.

Other Social Network Traffic,

Our links are not allowed to post into facebook. But, there are other countless social network i.e. Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest where you may place our links and get traffic.

*Note: The tips listed above are just basic techniques that you can use to increase clicks. If you need any help feel free to contact us via support form. Thank you.

Published on: 7/2/18, 5:53 PM