Goto URL Shortener Brought Random Advertising Type for Shortening Links

We are happy to bring brand new Random Advertisement (Interstitial & Banner Ads together) feature to maximize our publishers' earning. It is now available on both URL Shortening Box into member area and Bookmarklet Tool. For using this feature, you need to choose Random Advertising Type while shrinking link.

How it will help to increase your earning

Well, Goto URL Shortener is basically CPM (cost per mile thousand) program that means your revenue will be estimated within 1000 impression/views and random ads will certainly increase your income.

What is About Your Previous URLs?

Well, your previous URLs will be serving the same way you selected while shortening your long urls.

How to Change Previous URLs to Random Advertising Type?

You are required to perform manual edit link action for this. If you need help, we are ready to give you support. But, manual action is not recommended as it will consume your time and data. We have already higher pay rate for our publisher and we are sharing more than 80% revenue with our publisher.
Published on: 6/1/19, 2:29 AM