Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Thanks for Your Interest to Goto Paid URL Shortener service. We are 1st high paying legitmate URL shortener from Nepal. We've thousands of active publisher and advertiser into our website. Here, we've listed some frequently asked questions by our customer.
  • Save character space or “beautify” links:  Short links look better and are more user friendly. For some types of communications like Text Messages or Twitter Posting it’s crucial to keep links short to leave room for a message (as you probably know a short text messaging is about 160 and tweet is 140 characters long)
  • Tracking & statistics: Shortener give detailed statistics about clicks, impressions and a range of other trackable data.
  • Hide a target URL:  When you see a shortened URL, you don’t know where you will land after you click it. So, some people use this to disguise the target URL.
  • Making money: You can earn money each time a short link is clicked!

If you add an advertising layer to a classic shortener, you get paid link shortener. The layer is added between a shortened URL and destination page and this is how money comes into play.

How it works in practice:

  1. Visitor clicks a shortened link or link
  2. Ad is displayed on an intermediate page – you earn money.
  3. The visitor is redirected from the intermediate page to the destination page or long URL

Click the “Sign up” tab in the upper-right side in the home page. Click the register a new membership in below form. You will see a simple form with 4 fields that you need to fill - username, email, password and confirm the password, accept terms & conditions and click the submit button.

Then you may need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the activation email. Now your account is activated and you’re already logged in. You are ready to shorten links and get money! We allow only one account per individual. Creating multiple account can result in the termination of your account, without any payment. But, if you have problem with current account you need to consult with our support team.

When you are on home page you will see link shortener box, or if you are in dashboard section click the top menu item "new shorten link". Simply paste or type your long link and click “shorten button”.

Now you can copy your short link or shorten another link. All your links are available in “statistics” dashboard section. Be careful! only shorten the links that we allow to shorten.

Our full page script will transform all your links into the goto paid URL form. Copy the code and paste it to the body section of your HTML code, template or theme. You can include or exclude the domains that you want to shorten.

Note: It is very important that the user should click on your short links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.

As our active user you will want to withdraw the money you’ve earned with us. To withdraw your money you need to submit your exact payment details from account section, hit withdraw menu/button, wait for review of your actual earning and the transfer of your money.

We pay out users using PayPal, Payoneer, eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, FonePay Merchant, Internet Banking, Western Union & Topup Recharge. Payments are sent daily, if you've reached the minimum withdrawal amount. To know about withdrawal, log in your member account and see into profile section.

If you fail to earn the minimum amount to be paid, your earnings will be carried forward to the next withdrawal period until you're able to meet the minimum withdrawal amount.

Firstly, anonymous (not registered users) short links will not earn, only registered can earn. Secondly, you must be logged in while shortening links. We have advanced anti-fraudable activity detection technology to filter your traffic. Generall, we collect unique view from single IP within 24 hours time frame. We may not count VPN, Proxy, TOR or Bad Traffic you send to us.

Your visitors must meet the following criteria:

  • Visitors must be unique within a 24 hours.
  • Visitors must have JavaScript enabled
  • Visitors must have Cookies enabled
  • Visitors must have disabled Adblock
  • Visitors should not use proxy or VPN


Note: earning will depents on the payout rate of different countries. You're welcome to send worldwide traffic to us. We have highest payout rate to the worldwide traffic. Depending on your traffic quality we will offer you the highest possible rates per 1K views.

Sharing your short links is not the only way to earn money with us. You can also invite new users and earn commission. We have good promotion campaign or referral (affiliate) program. For each of your referrals who signup with us, we will pay you 5% of what they earn through their short links for lifetime. It means if your referral earn Rs. 1000, you will be rewarded with Rs. 50 free bonus balance. Go to the “referrals” tab and share your referral link or banner on forums, twitter, linkedin, pinteress, whatsapp, email, SMS and more.

If you want to make extra money with us sign up your account here