Some Successfully Processed Payment by Goto URL Shortener Billing Agent

Goto URL Shortener really pays to the customer who do efforts from their side without deceptive manner. Scammer and fraud people who dream to become a millionaire over a night please do not spend time with us as you may get suspend any time. To verify us as a legitimate service, we have listed some payments processed by our billing agent.

Note: we are always careful about customer privacy. Hence, as per our customer's advice, we've made hundreds of payments hidden. If you also want to hide your username/payout details from the payment page please drop us a message via our Email Address or message form available in the member dashboard.

Date Username Amount Method
2/12/23, 7:16 PM rim****** Rs. 1,020.00 IME Pay Wallet Transfer
2/12/23, 7:11 PM hes****** Rs. 6,845.00 Bank Transfer
1/27/23, 7:02 AM 5u4****** Rs. 10,658.00 PayPal
1/15/23, 1:08 PM tem****** Rs. 240.00 Khalti Wallet Transfer
1/15/23, 12:55 PM gun****** Rs. 6,541.00 eSewa Wallet Transfer
1/15/23, 12:52 PM ama****** Rs. 6,880.00 eSewa Wallet Transfer
1/15/23, 12:48 PM low****** Rs. 5,684.00 IME Pay Wallet Transfer
1/11/23, 10:19 PM low****** Rs. 2,458.00 IME Pay Wallet Transfer
1/5/23, 2:22 PM ceh****** Rs. 6,684.00 Bank Transfer
1/5/23, 2:16 PM kan****** Rs. 1,509.12 CellPay Wallet Transfer
1/5/23, 2:15 PM dic****** Rs. 5,587.00 IME Pay Wallet Transfer
11/12/22, 8:37 PM sar****** Rs. 558.00 eSewa Wallet Transfer
8/20/22, 12:55 AM tra****** Rs. 6,684.00 Bank Transfer
7/29/22, 11:17 PM mej****** Rs. 5,847.00 ConnetIPS Payment
5/8/22, 12:34 PM tea****** Rs. 5,080.00 Bank Transfer
4/27/22, 6:32 AM ama****** Rs. 5,676.00 eSewa Wallet Transfer
3/12/22, 6:54 PM duc****** Rs. 5,875.00 IME Money Transfer
3/4/22, 10:47 PM msn****** Rs. 5,687.00 ConnetIPS Payment
3/1/22, 9:02 AM meb****** Rs. 8,485.72 Bank Transfer
2/11/22, 2:52 PM san****** Rs. 3,568.00 CellPay Wallet Transfer