Goto URL Shortener Brought Review & Earn YouTube Reward Program

If you have a YouTube channel, it is time to make money talking about our service. Just create a detailed video review or tutorials about Goto URL Shortener and reach minimum 100 views and we will credit you Rs. 1 on your account. If your video reach 1000 views then we will reward you with Rs. 10 on your account earning/wallet. There is no limitation of earnings. The more views you get on your video, the more you will earn our rewards money.

You may include these points in the Video Review/Tutorials

There is no minimum subscriber requirements to your YouTube Channel. It means you are welcome to participate our marketing program with zero subscriber. There is no language restrictions. You may create the video in your own native language like Nepali, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Arabic, French, Russian, Japanese, etc. but video must be only about our service but misleading titles are not allowed.

Note: our website address or your referral link or must be written in the video description at least once. You have to make a fresh video of your own voice or instruction. Copying and reproducing video from other channel are not allowed.

Published on: 9/13/19, 2:17 PM