The Brief Introduction to Short Links and Strategies to Maximize Earning

Today in this topic, we’ll be talking about some information about short links and its fact along with strategies to maximize earning. Read this article carefully as it may be useful to you.

What Are Shortened Links & How to Make Use of Them

In simple term, a shortened link is one in which the original (normal) link has been changed into a shrinked edition. There are so many reasons to use short links. One is to make a complex link much more pleasing and readable, for instant, a short link will just neatly sit in your social media post while long, unedited URL would break weirdly ruining the good feel of the post. Some social media i.e. at Twitter, you can post only short tweets or messages being limited to short characters, require users to use shortened links or shorten them automatically to save space for other stuff. In this situation short links will be beneficial.

Next remarkable thing that comes with short links is the ability to track the traffic and their behaviour, prefered by many social media marketing persons. You get the real statistics about clicked link – how much qualified clicks did it get or people of which regions clicked the link most. Most url shortener services offer this feature for free of cost.

Moreover, url shortener services like and us (Goto Paid URL Shortener), offer to pay their users some revenue based on the number of valid clicks and their geographic location. Well, this kind of website display some commercial and advertisement on the intermediate website before bringing the url visitor to final destination link. By borrowing your traffic for just 5 seconds we can often satisfy our advertisers and let you earn while offering links to different types of content for your users.

When The Stuff Starts to Make a Difference

Although most of the shorteners on the market worldwide basically offer very similar services, every short links service has its own polices or quirks. In most cases, these small features won’t be changing anything for you but very rarely they can change your approach towards a specific shortener. For example, some short links are banned at certain social media platforms. Especially Facebook seems to be hell-bent on restricting most of the short links. On the other hand, other social media may prefer their own branded shortener services.

Before start using certain url shortener service, it is advisable for you to do research about the service, read review and ask regular user about their services. In Goto Paid URL Shortener case, we often get questions about using two different shorteners for one link to double monetize or byepass the particular social media blacklist policy. If anyone still wonders, we'll only track and monetize the first URL, that means we can’t provide you revenue if our link is the second one.

If you ask kindly, people won't only share the information about the service but also share some of their personal strategies and best-earning approaches. Be aware! there are tons of fake services that don’t like to pay their users, so always ask about payment proof from their regulars. Also, don't forgot to check the withdrawal policy before deciding.

Paid URL Shortener’s Best Practices

Now, as mentioned above, every url shorter service  who has been offering a monetary reward for clicking on their short links has its own policy, do(s) and don’t(s). We will cover some of the best practices in regard to our Goto Paid URL Shortener service.

As far I know, effective ways to earn massive revenue income on short links are: first put them as a gateway to media file browsing or download. Primarily, you offer a direct link to files and content someone looked for, so they will be sure to click on the link. On the other hand, some of the file hosting sites domains are blacklisted by certain social media platform and shrinking them with a short link may be very useful. Additionally, in case of download links the short link fulfills its original purpose – it makes the long or awkward direct url more pleasant and easier to manage in emails, private messages, and posts.

Alternative way is to be a part of a community or forum dedicated to certain topics. All you need to do is find reliable pieces of content and information, shrink it and post in the respective groups without spam manner. Just write a few words of explanation and put the link as “continue reading” or the source of your information. Many users likely to click on it to make sure or find more which will ultimately give you clicks on your link. In this case, the trick is to always be first with the news as well as but never try this technics for clickbait purpose as it is violence of terms. Losing reliability will certainly lower your click count.

Another alternative advice is to always run tests. It would be wise to separate your Goto Paid URL short links on categories, by niche or technique and track results to see why some links were very successful and others failed to bring you expected revenue. You may learn a lot about what is profitable by a simple cross-checking of your urls. Who knows – you may find best technique that no one has found yet.

Ready to start? Be sure to visit our website and register an account. Already a regular user? Share your experience with us what brings you the biggest earnings in the comments section! Thank you.

Published on: 1/24/20, 12:35 PM