What is Mass Shrinker Tools and How to Use It?

Mass Shrinker tools allow you to shorten a set of links in just one click. You just need to past one link into one line. You may shorten up to 20 links with mass shrinker tool but due to risk of abuse we've set only 10 URLs for beginner or free account.

How to use Mass Shrinker tool?

Goto Paid URL Quick Link Tool

Mass Shrinker Tool of Goto Paid URL Shortener

For example:
- https://google.com
- https://youtube.com
- https://twitter.com
- https://yahoo.com
- https://yandex.ru
- https://teachsansar.com
- https://bikasgurung.com.np
- http://umb.com.np
- https://bitly.com.np

[Note: Always shorten legal and spam-free links as per our policy. The 'Mass Shrinker' can be disabled to your account if abused. Only create links that you will actually use. If we detect spam behavior we'll suspend your account forever.

Published on: 4/12/20, 6:54 AM